NLR Listener's Comments

NEW LIFE RADIO listeners respond:

  • Greetings to you and thank you for your radio. I like it very much and listen to it often. May God richly bless you!
    Alexander Snider
    Greetings from Pennsylvania! We have such good weather today, sunny and little cold. It's 8.30 AM and we listen to your radio. Thank God for you!
    Valery Moshkovski--Erie, Pennsylvania
  • Thank you! I love your radio from the bottom of my heart!
    Sergeevs' family. Belarus
    Greetings from sunny Tiraspol. Thanks to the whole NLR team. I listen to you always with great pleasure.
    Ironman-- Tiraspol, Ukraine
  • Hello New Life Radio! I'm thankful to God for your radio. It brings a lot of useful things to my spiritual life and good mood in bad weather days!
    Katrusik Semenusik
    Thanks NLR for the drive! Life is lighter with you! Congratulations on Reformation Day to you!
    Eugeny & Simon
  • Thank God for your radio! May God bless you!
    Eldar, Sverdlovsk region
    Thank God for your radio!
    David Liski--Voronezh region, Russia
  • Hello NLR Radio! Thank you that you exist. May God bless you!
    God's Love (Christian coffee house)Chernovtsi, Russia
    Good day and peace to you dear brothers and sisters in Christ. My name is Alexandr and I send you greetings from Belarus. I want to wish you strong faith in God, much love and happiness. And more importantly I wish you to have good fruit in sharing the Gospel. I wish everybody to have big love and New Life Radio to have more listeners!
    Alexandr Sergeev, Vitebsk
  • Good evening! I listen to your radio for a year already and I think it is an enormous addition for my spiritual life and I greatly thank you for it! God's blessings to all staff members and guests and future prosperity!
    Irina Pivkina
    Greetings to you from Moldova. This is a good radio. We listen to you all the time!
    Vasily Scherbakov. Beltsy
  • A warm hello to you New Life Radio from cold Vorkuta. May God bless you and everybody who loves Jesus Christ to whom be glory forever. Amen!
    Roman Diatel-Vorkuta, Russia
    Thank you guys for your great radio! It is very cool! Blessings to you in doing God's work! May God richly bless and inspire you! Glory to God! Thank you!
    Oksana Anushkevich, Belarus
  • Thanks be to God and to you for such wonderful radio. I work as an engineer and my work allows me to listen to you almost all the time. This is great blessing for me. Thank you from the heart!
    Ivan Vrynchan, USA
    Thank you very much, friends, for your work! I wish very much that unbelievers and Christian youth listen to New Life Radio.
    Vladimir Gerashenko, Ukraine
  • Peace to you! Your radio helps a lot to grow strong in faith. Alleluia!
    Koba Berishvily, Estonia
  • I am with you, New Life Radio, all the day long. And God's presence is with me.
    Tatyana from Syzran, Russia.
    Thank you for New Life Radio and all the work you do. May God bless you! Thanks a lot!
    Vitaly from Novovolynsk, Ukraine.
  • Guys! I admire New Life Radio! I listen with great pleasure at home and at work, and also while on my way. Great programs, interesting news, awesome music! I wish you success and many victories ahead! Thanks to everyone on your team. You are the best! May God help you with your ministry. You create a good feeling of cozyness inside of me!
    Dalya from Serpukhov, Russia.
    Hello New Life Radio! I listen to you on the Internet. Thank you for what you do. And thanks for providing ability to listen on various software platforms.
    Andre from Ahitomir, Ukraine.
  • Hello! I've just discovered New Life Radio for myself. It's so interesting, I learn so many new things, thanks! Thanks for being on social networks! Please expand there! Thank you for your wonderful and important work!
    Ada from Sevastopol, Ukraine.
    Thanks to everyone on New Life Radio team! We listen to NLR with all our family. We all get many useful things from you, you instruct us in our faith! May the Lord bless you and support in all your labors!
    Ekaterina from Krasnodar, Russia.
  • Guys you are great! You are a gift from God for us!
    Alexander from Kaluga, Russia.
    Hello beloved New Life Radio! I am with you for a very long time and I listen to you with great pleasure still!
    Nikolai from Minsk, Belarus
  • Hello New Life Radio. Thank you for being there for us. You are a fresh breath in this world full of dirt. Since I found you on the Internet, I listen to you only and recommend to all my friends.
    Roman from Krasnoarmeisk, Ukraine.
    Dear New Life Radio, you make me feel great! Always! Thank you!
    Irina from Krasnodar, Russia.
  • Hello dear New Life Radio! I love you so very much!
    Anastacia from Vyazma, Russia.
    Joy and peace to NLR from the Lord Jesus and God our Father! NLR is the best radio station!
    Michael from Moscow, Russia.
  • Thank you New Life Radio for you ministry to our Christ.
    Sergei from Moscow, Russia.
    Hello from Germany! I send you my great greetings from Mulheim, may the Lord bless you!
    Tatiana from Mulheim, Germany.
  • New Life Radio! You fire up the air and you're cool! Praise God! Great job!
    Simon from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
    Hello NLR! I am your faithful listener. I listened to many stations, as I am a radio enthusiast. When I was young I would collect radio receivers and listened to hundreds of radio stations! But your station is very special and unique. I and my wife listen to you whenever we have chance. Thank God for you!
    Vladimir from Kazakhstan.
  • Thank you NLR for your work. You bring people back to Jesus.
    Thank you NLR! I love you very much!
    Angelina from Molodechno, Belarus.
  • Hello blessed New Life Radio! Your radio station brings joy and inspiration. You raise urgent and important issues. Thank you! May the Lord bless you.
    Hello New Life Radio! I listen to you for a very long time, I like your programs, your music inspires. May the Lord bless you and give you fresh ideas always!
  • Hello beloved radio! I send you greetings from Moldova and wish you blessings!
    Eugene from Moldova
    Hello New Life Radio! Greetings to you all, I am at work now and we listen to you with my colleagues.
    Valeriy from USA
  • Peace to you NLR! I like to listen to you very much!
    Tonishka from Germany
    Hello NLR! My name is Vika. I thank God for New Life Radio and wish blessings to everyone who works at NLR. I listen to you always, you help me especially during my night shifts at work, I got to know many new things through you. Thank you so very much! May the Lord bless you!
    Victoria from Ansan, Korea.
  • Greetings New Life Radio! It's been three week since I started listening to you over Internet. Praise God! Special thanks for women's talk-show! May the Lord bless you!
    Victoria Ivanova, Druzhkovka, Ukraine
    Greetings with love from our Lord Jesus Christ! Thank you for your great radio! May the Lord bless you! Ivan Aphonin from Norilsk told me about your station. I am so thankful to him! May the Lord fill you with his knowledge and insights! God be with you!
    Anna Yermakova, Irkutsk, Russia
  • Hello Dear New Life Radio! Thank you for your work and ministry for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ! Your ministry brings lot of fruit! It's been few years that I am with you and listening (via Internet), and every time I get new spiritual feeding from you so that I might live in Christ! May the Lord bless you to the top and may his light always shine on you.
    Irina Tkachuk, Novodnestrovsk, Ukraine
    Dear New Life Radio! It is so great that you are there! When we started listening to you, our home came alive and full with your sounds! God's huge blessings to those created NLR and all those ministering and participating!
    Irina Tagakova, Kazakhstan
  • Hello NLR. My name is Dmitry, I am from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Thanks so much for your work! You do very high quality radio, it is very interesting and useful. Special thanks that you resord and then share your talk shows - my wife listens all the time to recorded programs.
    Dmitry, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
    May the Lord bless you NLR! You are so great!
    Ilya Oleynik, Voronezh, Russia
NLR staff with guest Natasha Romantsova
  • Hello New Life Radio! Big thanks to you from our missionary group in Perm for the great music and fellowship!
    From Perm, Russia
    Thank you very much for your radio station, I listen to you regularly, and then I listen recorded and shared what I missed! Your are superb!

  • Dear New Life Radio! Special thanks for Sidim Doma (At Home) historical program with Ekaterina. I really learn a lot!

    Hello New Life Radio! Thank you VERY MUCH for special women program series about sexual issues. These issues are often ignored by Christians, but meanwhile this matter is really important! Thank you so much!
  • Dear New Life Radio! Thank you for your programs, I listen with my colleagues, friends and family. It's great that you have your programs recorded and shared on your web site. Many programs are worthy listening few times.
  • I Praise God for New Life Radio. Started listening to it and it feels great! I am blessed!
    Eugene Sokiluk
    Thank you NLR for being BOLD raising and discussing uncomfortable topics of all kinds! This is very needed and demanded by Christians. We live in a cruel world and need to talk and hear about it. We live in this country and need to understand what is really going on!
    Alexei from Saint-Petersburg
  • New Life Radio is super! I live in Ukraine in a rural area, we have a very weak Internet access here, but I can listen to NLR no problem and I like it! There are many useful topics discussed, and the music is great too! Your work is a blessing to me! Thanks to God and to you!
    New Life Radio is a great alternative to secular radio!

  • I would like to thank you for ministering to people. May the Lord give you wisdom and bless your work!
    Aliona from Ukraine
    New Life Radio! You are great and so genuine! Thanks for everything!
    Kirill from Moscow
  • I never heard about New Life Radio before, but now I am your faithful listener and follower. Music is great, guests are very interesting, you air is alive! Thanks for making a radio like this!
    Ola from Elista
    Guys, dear, thanks for being so adequate on the air! You can not imagine what Christians are thinking about life and world in regions. You are so demanded here! Thank for having right attitude for everything!
    Rimma Panina from Moscow
  • When I was first turning on your radio station, I was thinking that it would be another boring radio about nothing, as it is usually. But New Life Radio is different. It is very nice and easy to listen. And also you raise very interesting issues in your talk-shows. Thanks!
    Valery from Moscow
  • Thank you very much for your work! Today I won concert tickets on air! This is so cool!
    Lubiv Shoshina, Moscow
  • Praise to God! It is so wonderful how so few people can do such a high-quality professional broadcasting. It is a true miracle! Keep up!
  • Dear New Life Radio! It is so great that I have found you finally. Your radio station helps me to read Bible more often than I can do it on my own. You have great short radio spots. Thank you for being there. I am very happy. Please keep bringing light of the Gospel to this world!
    New Life Radio is an awesome radio station! It's my first day with you, I am so thankful for this opportunity to listen to you at work. Praise the Lord for you!
    Zarina from Kazakhstan
  • I've been looking for something that could surround me with the Word of God and then bang! I found New Life Radio! This is pure joy! Lord, please be with this NLR team in the name of Jesus, and we will be with You! Thank you! Dear NLR team, I pray that you may be good and prosper in Jesus, I get blessings through you!
    Tania from Surgut, Russia
    I respect New Life Radio. I listen to it since I can't even remember, I work in the TV industry but I don't turn TV on since I have NLR. There is nothing good on TV compared to NLR!
    Ivan from Voronezh, Russia
  • Thank God for you NLR! Thank the Lord that we can have you, and this thank you comes from many many listeners of New Life Radio! Hallelujah!
    Anna from Prokopievsk
    New Life Radio is one of the best! We retransmit you in regional tuberculosis hospital in Boyarsk since Summer of 2010. We would like to ask you to play more 'shanson' type songs since we have many ex-prisoners and homeless people here. Do more programs for such people.

  • Programs on New Life Radio for me like exercise for my brain and spirit. You raise questions that I try to answer myself. You challenge me. It's good. After a program is over, I continue thinking about it. You are great guys, thank you!

    Dmitry, thank you for doing an interview with Alexander Semchenko on New Life Radio! I would like to hear more programs with people like him. He is a jar of wisdom, experience and practical advices, a person who went through all things possible for a Christian in Russia. It was so great to hear him on New Life Radio!
  • We live in Moldova, and we have our Moldovan Christian Internet radio. It is filled with nationalism and conservative programs, but we really need NLR for our people here. (NLR note: Moldova has satellite radio reception from NLR) We were so happy to dive in a positive atmosphere on NLR and we really start to enjoy life with you. It is only bad thing that to listen to you one needs Internet, and it is not everywhere here in Moldova. We wish you success and great development to spread your broadcasting everywhere so that we could listen to you on FM here.
    Eugene from Chisinau, Moldova
  • You are just great NLR! May the Lord keep giving you his blessings!
    Sergei from Energodar, Ukraine
    Yesterday I found your web site by occasion, and today when I turned NLR on I just wanted to praise the Lord for your ministry, brothers and sisters. THANKS!
    Vyacheslav, Zhitomir, Ukraine
    NLR is a great radio station! Everyone has their own opinion, sometimes I disagree with what hosts say, but overall NLR is great!
    Serge from Kiev, Ukraine
  • Well, I do like New Life Radio. I like listening to it! I really don't like when some mass media position themselves for all audiences and ages. But New Life Radio is different. It is really a radio station for all! Everyone will find something for themselves. Content is very diverse! I get inspired by family-oriented programs with information on how to care for your children. And I also like smart and deep music and excellent Christian dramas. You are great NLR!
    Inga from Kiev
  • I am addicted to New Life Radio! Once I turned it on, but now I listen to it all the time! I am happy that I can hear so many great Christian songs! I like to hear good old songs too. Good old and good new! That is great!
    Anna from Moscow
    Praise the Lord for you! There are only few of you but you do so much during last two years while I keep listening to you. You are dear people to me! And thanks for playing cool music!
    Sergei from Kazakhstan
  • Hello New Life Radio! I am so happy that you are there! I listen to OUR NLR all the time and I use every possibility to recommend others to listen. I get inspired, I inspire others, I listen with pleasure. May the Lord keep blessing you for all your work for him!
    Natalia from Minsk, Belarus
  • I keep infecting all church people with New Life Radio! Everyone says that your music collection is just great! Oh well, now at last we have a Christian radio station with greatest content. And now I can say that your quality is higher than at secular radio stations.
    Alexei from Akhtubinsk
    New Life Radio, thanks for your ministry. I wish you blessings and success! Warm greetings from Germany!
    Daniel Reimer from Germany
  • Hello NLR. Here is our story. Me and my wife got married a month ago. My wife asked me to find some Christian music online that would play for a few hours straight, but I could find nothing like that. One day later she got online and opened different radio stations and we turned NLR on. We listened to you yesterday all the day long and were shocked in a good way. We loved what we've heard! We are thankful to you for your work that is so demanded by millions of people worldwide!

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