NEW LIFE RADIO-Moscow: Began its ministry as Russia's first Christian FM radio station (1996) in the far-east city of Magadan.

With less than 1% of Russian cities having access to local Christian radio, New Life Radio pioneered the development of direct to home satellite radio for Russia in 2000, and established nationwide broadcasts from studios located next to the Kremlin on Red Square in Moscow.

In 2017, New Life Radio continues to provide critical radio services to a nation that has limited opportunities to listen to Christian programming. NLR broadcasts over the HOTBIRD satellite throughout Europe, Western Russia, the former Soviet Union, and Israel.

New Life Radio is being used by evangelical denominations, churches, and ministries (with free air time) to reach out to young people, while ministering in multiple settings to those who need to hear the Gospel.

The NEW LIFE RADIO satellite network is now available globally to build the next generation for Christ, and is using new media to witness to Russian speakers wherever they live.

NLR Budget: $15,000/month to reach Millions of people for Christ!

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Andre and Alexei

New Life Radio is an effective media resource for the Church.

  1. --called to evangelism and discipleship with Christ-centered, Bible-focused programming in a contemporary manner
  2. --NLR provides a guarantee of Christian radio to any Slavic community that desires it, and gives the Church a nationwide voice to present the claims of Christ and the NEW LIFE he offers us.

FROM Moscow to Minnesota, NEW LIFE RADIO is a daily companion to young people who want to live the Christian life and grow the CHURCH!

IN 2017...Continuing our mission amidst great challenges: -- The New Life Radio missionary staff reports they are working under extremely difficult circumstances to keep our network broadcasting, as the Russian government this summer has made PUBLIC evangelism illegal while limiting the ability of believers to share their faith in private. Of increasing concern is the need to ensure funding for our satellite channel that guarantees NLR's ability to transmit to thousands of communities inside of Russia, as well as for our small staff as they struggle to support their families. Please consider sponsoring a radio missionary or helping us raise the support to keep an evangelical broadcast voice working on the air to reach warring nations for Christ. Please contact Daniel Johnson at CRFR if you can help.

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